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Forex Trading Signals

Employ your trading with the advice of forex professionals. These experts employ technical and fundamental analysis as well as expert advisors (EAs).

Forex Copy Trading

Profit from copying the trading strategies of Forexler trading pros; the mirror dashboard is presently only available to traders on MT4 and MT5, with no support for other platforms.

Traders Funding

By using the firm's funds to your advantage, you can trade with a larger account and potentially make more money than you could have with your own.

Subcription Package

Traders who subscribe to our forex trading signals and copy trading will have access to a dashboard where they can keep an eye on their signals, withdrawals, copy trading, and other activities.

Wealth Trader Platform:

Forex Trading Signals

Trade Forex like a professional, we send signals on your Dashboard and Telegram. All Signals are given to you only at Confirmed trade setups.  


Wealth Trader Platform:

Forex Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a powerful tool that enables Forex traders, regardless of their expertise level, to follow FOREXLER Strategy Providers. Mirror all our trades. 


Wealth Trader Platform:

Forex Prop Firm Funding

Access up to $300k  funded accounts. Keep up to 90% profits. No brokers, trade on a prop firm MT4 and MT5. Your wins are a firms wins.


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A letter with your funding Information will be sent once you subscribe to Signals or copy trading account. These combinations help traders succeed greatly in the market. Subcribe Now

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Receive real-time Forex trading signals by WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Telegram and on our website Dashboard.

Forex market signals tell investors whether they should “go long” (purchase) or “short” (sell) on a given currency pair. Foreign exchange (Forex) signals provide additional benefits, as they enable traders to earn money while simultaneously learning about the foreign exchange (Forex) market and other markets. We at Forexler provides you with our own trading strategy and signals that can be profitable in the short and long run,  Forex signals are worth using based on your own analysis and strategy, that is why we are willing to share our trading strategy with our subscribers. Signals are currently shared on this below social networks and platforms.

Forex Signals On Whatsapp

Forex signals on WhatsApp are notifications or alerts sent to Forex traders via the WhatsApp messaging app

Whatsapp Forex Signals

An opportunity to receive signals on your WhatsApp.

Forex Signals On Emails

 Forex signals on Emails are notifications or alerts sent to traders via the Email messaging app, like Gmail, etc 

Emails Forex Signals

An opportunity to receive signals on your Emails

Forex Signals On Telegram

Forex signals on Telegram are notifications or alerts sent to traders via the Telegram messaging app

Telegram Signals Alert

An opportunity to receive signals on your Telegram

Forex Signals On Dashboard

Forex signals on Dashboard are notifications or alerts sent to traders via the this website dashboard

Dashboard Signals

An opportunity to receive signals on your Dashboard.

Smart Solution With Great Opportunity ! Use Forexler Signals To trade Forex or Synthetics

When you join Forexler , you’ll gain access to the most cutting-edge trading signals and become part of the largest community of Forex traders in the world.  With Forexler  signals you may use any Broker that has foreign exchange currencies, or synthetics but we prefer our Firm . Below is a list of Forex and synthetics that we cover on our signals.

Forex Trading Signals

Forex Trading Mentors

Turning to Forex professionals for guidance and mentorship

Mentors in the Forex market can take the form of websites, professional traders, or anyone in possession of a strategy or expert advisor that has a history of profitable trades and relatively low drawdowns. These days, it’s nearly impossible to find a mentor willing to help you hone your trading skills to the point where you can join their ranks. Forexler is here to assist you in becoming a well-informed, consistently and profitable Forex trader.

Forex Telegram Classes

Forexler Online And Physical Class

Join Our Free Class

Newcomers who are interested in learning about the Forex market are welcome to join us, but they will need access to a smartphone and laptop computer, and reservations are required due to limited seating, we cover the following topics. Learning is currently conducted in South Africa.

When you join Forexler , you’ll gain access to the most cutting-edge trading signals and become part of the largest community of Forex traders in the world.  With Forexler  signals you may use any Broker that has foreign exchange currencies, or synthetics. Below is a list of Forex and synthetics that we cover on our signals. 

Understand what other Forex Traders think about the Market, They ask Questions and Receive Answers from the community.


Users ask question about exchanging one’s currency for another with a purpose of making profit.

Crypto currency


Users ask questions on crypto currencies as an alternative form of international payments.



Users ask questions on how to raise funds for their business using crypto currencies



Users ask questions on securities which gives permission to people to own shares in companies.

Forex signals


Users ask questions whether the market will buy(bullish) or sell (bearish) in a moment.



Users ask how can they buy assets that will generate reoccurring income in the long run



Users ask question on how to buy or sell goods or services using money (notes and coin)



Users ask questions about the useful usage of Forex charts to suits their trading styles.

Forex Expert Advisor ( EA)


Users ask question about expert advisors which are a great help to automate trades.


Users ask questions about trading raw materials like Gold, silver, oil, cotton and wood, etc

Forex tools


Users ask question about trading indices as a measure of price performance of shares.



Users ask questions about Forex brokers, their regulations, spreads, deposits and withdrawals,

If you're a trader and you want to be able to predict the direction of the market, there's only one solution available right now, and that's Forexler Signsals.

We, too, are traders; we profit on good days and incur losses on bad; we are fallible mortals; however, we are confident in asserting that our winning trades significantly outnumber our losing ones.

We used to give out free trading signals, but people started changing their email addresses over and over to get around the system.

Forexler pricing plans are customizable; as a result, we don't recommend a single plan over another.

When our clients trade successfully, that surely increase our reputation and that is why we arm all our traders with free knowledge to be able to trade even in our absence rather than relying on only our signals.


Frequently Asked Questions

This are the collection of (CQ) common question or (FAQ) frequency asked questions, they are usually ask by most users at Forexler website, we answered this question so that users may find it easier to understand and navigate to our websites,

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