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Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash With This Broker you can trade the world’s markets with state-of-the-art tools provided by KOT4X, a leading online Crypto and Forex Broker. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can’t be exchanged for physical coins. Bitcoin was the first widely used digital coin, and it is still the most popular one today. However, the market value of alternatives like Ethereum has risen dramatically. KOT4X is also a provider of Dash and Ripple, two cryptocurrencies that are rapidly rising in popularity around the world.

Kot4x Is An STP Broker

Using the STP (Straight Through Processing) model of processing, KOT4X is actively involved. As a result, KOT4X customers can rest assured that their trades are being executed without interference from the dealing desk. This ensures that KOT4X’s clients never have to worry about a competing interest or a re-quote. KOT4X uses the aggregator to get you the best possible price on every trade you make with them. These transactions are sourced from the financial sector’s premier liquidity providers.

Two Different Accounts Used By Kot4x

How PAMM Accounts Work? ,  PAMM accounts enable professional traders (Managers) to trade on behalf of PAMM investors by collecting a pool of money from those investors. A frank answer for market participants who want to learn from one another and investors who want to get in on the action with minimal effort. Kot4x help with Money for hard Working People,  and traders could potentially Gain access to funding worth up to $200,000, this is promised by the broker as long as you bring the Skills, they’ll provide the Capital.       2. Try One of Kot4x Challenges & Earn as a Trading Pro Kot4x evaluation program is a two-step process built to identify serious trading talent. The Brokers reward are consistency. Prove your worth and jump to a funded account in as little as 30 days. KOT4X is able to offer competitive spreads and low commissions, both of which can make Forex trading more profitable. It’s important to remember that you’re not actually buying any cryptocurrency when you use KOT4X to trade; rather, you’re betting on the future value of the cryptocurrency you’ve chosen as it fluctuates in price. There is no cost to join at Kot4x, It is free to sign up to KOT4X and no monthly fees are charged. There is no third-party service, trading academy, or training provider that Kot4x are associated with.

Kot4x Support Program

Should anyone contact you requesting to withdraw your funds or pay a monthly fee, please let Kot4x know so they can investigate. If you have any questions or need any help, Kot4x team is available to provide it. Traders have to feel free to contact Kot4x at any time through their online chat feature or at support@kot4x.com via email.

Kot4x Affiliates Program

Users you refer to Kot4x platform must sign up through their unique referral link in order for them to receive any compensation for doing so. You will be rewarded based on their participation in the brokers system. In order to do this, traders should navigate to the KOT4X account’s Affiliates section. There, you can find your affiliate link for that particular campaign. Once you’ve copied your link, feel free to send it along to friends so they can join up, too!

Kot4x Bonus Program

Aside from the regular commission, KOT4X also offers a bonus for those who meet certain criteria. Your regular commission payment date is the 15th or 1st of the month following the month in which it was earned, provided that it is greater than $10. If your balance is below $10, it will continue to grow until it reaches or exceeds that amount. Bonus Commission: Payments for the prior month’s lot sales will be made on the following calendar day, January 1st. The bonus will be paid out in addition to any outstanding commission from trades made as a result of referrals.

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