Foreign exchange market professionals are Forex Factory’s target audience. Its stated goal is to improve traders’ performance in the markets and in their interactions with one another. In a perfect world, every trader would gain new insights, expanded expertise, and heightened sensitivity to market fluctuations after each and every visit. Forex Factory is not only committed to helping traders, but also protecting them from misleading information and other forms of unfair treatment. At Forex Factory, we place a premium on being able to tell fake from real. Forex Factory’s mission is to provide traders with the cleanest, most actionable data and analysis available. All traders, regardless of their location, nationality, or socioeconomic status, will have equal and immediate access to the most important information exchanged on these pages. Discussion Boards on Foreign Exchange More active traders congregate on the Forums product than any other financial forum on the planet. Foreign merchants from all over the world can be overheard discussing strategies and trading war tales. Every conceivable aspect of trading has its own thread, populated with traders’ first-hand accounts of their experiences. It’s a helpful community where civil, professional conversation is the norm, thanks to knowledgeable users and a moderating style that respects the ethos of the trading world. The user manual contains details on how to sign up. Check out the Market Item Swing Trading in Foreign Exchange Trading activity from thousands of real-time brokers is displayed in the Trades product. The product includes a number of cutting-edge tools, such as a live feed of members’ trades, a leaderboard for tracking the month’s best returns, and an aggregate-positions analyzer that exposes how traders are positioned, both at the present and in the past. Smart investors can use the Trades product as a springboard for boundless learning and practical experience. See the Latest Product Announcement Forex Market News For the most up-to-date information on what’s influencing the market on a daily, hourly, and even minute-to-minute basis, the News product is unrivaled. Traders can easily keep up with the global news flow, and the product also serves as an intelligently curated selection of the most insightful stories from the financial media when news isn’t breaking. Thanks to their innovative approach and the tireless efforts of their editorial staff, Forex Factory is able to provide forex traders with a news feed that is rich in relevant information while remaining free of unnecessary fluff. Go to Product Page for Calendar The Foreign Exchange Market Timetable Because of its groundbreaking innovation, Calendar has become the de facto standard for economic calendars around the world. From event impact ratings and adaptive timestamps to event detail views and filtering, Forex Factory has been at the forefront of many calendar advancements in the financial industry since 2005. But what really sets the Calendar apart is the elite team of financial economists that back it, operating 24/7 to ensure the Calendar is accurate, reliable, and current, so that traders can depend on it for their most important decisions. Explore Product on the Market Trade on the Foreign Exchange Market An advanced system that compiles prices from various sources drives the Market product. Since 2009, Fair Economy has been building the underlying infrastructure that allows Forex Factory to provide prices with exchange-like integrity, adding a semblance of centralization to a decentralized market. The Market product also includes synthetic instruments that cross currencies with metals (e.g. Gold/GBP), energies (e.g. WTI/EUR), and cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC/JPY). The user manual contains further details. Inspect Product Listings from Brokers Forex Brokers The Brokers offering is a comprehensive resource for selecting safe, reliable forex brokers. With its combination of real-time spreads, extensive detail, and the most recent information, the guide represents a major improvement over previous methods used by traders to research brokers. To ensure that traders are always analyzing the most up-to-date information, Forex Factory’s editorial staff conducts ongoing research and monitoring of the listed brokers on the broker guide. Take a Look at the Trade Explorer Product The Trade Explorer is a web-based interface that empowers traders to intelligently analyze their trading performance. When linked to a brokerage account, it not only provides historical performance analysis but also real-time analytical capabilities. The Trade Explorer is still in its infancy, but it has already introduced several novel features, such as advanced graphing capabilities, automatic synchronization, and equity/balance controls. The manual is where you’ll find all the details.

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