Forex Factory Goals And Commitments

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The target audience of Forex Factory consists of highly experienced traders who regularly partake in the Forex market. Its goal is to facilitate communication between investors as well as between investors and the markets. The ideal outcome is for each trader to gain new insights, expanded expertise, and a heightened sense of market awareness with each visit, in addition to helping traders, Forex Factory is committed to fighting against anything that gives them an unfair advantage.

Forex Factory Ultimate Goals

As such, Forex Factory’s ultimate goal is to become the most trustworthy and in-depth forex trading platform available. All traders, regardless of their location, nationality, or economic standing, will have instantaneous access to the most important information exchanged on Forex Factory Website. 

Who owns Forex Factory

Fair Economy, Inc., whose mission is to “foster prosperity through the open exchange of economic information,” owns and operates Forex Factory.

Discover what Forex Factory can teach you.

Trade Discussing Boards

If you’re looking for an active trading community, you won’t find a better place than the Forex Factory Forums product. Foreign merchants from all over the world can be overheard debating strategies and trading war tales. Every conceivable aspect of trading has its own thread, populated with traders’ first-hand accounts of their experiences. It’s a helpful community where civil, professional discussion is the norm, thanks to knowledgeable participants and a moderating style that respects the ethos of the trading world.

Currencies and Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market

Trading activity from thousands of real-time brokers is displayed in the Trades product. The product includes a number of cutting-edge tools, such as a live feed of members’ trades, a leaderboard for tracking the best returns of the month, and an aggregate-positions analyzer that shows how traders are positioned, both currently and in the past.
The Trades product is a goldmine of information and experience for savvy investors.

Investing in Foreign Exchange: The Latest News

If you’re looking to gain insight into what’s driving the market on a daily, hourly, and even minute-to-minute basis, look no further than Forex Factory News product, which breaks market-moving news faster and more consistently than any other online source. In addition to being an essential tool for traders during times of breaking news, the product also provides a thoughtful selection of the best articles from the financial press. With its innovative approach and around-the-clock editorial staff, Forex Factory provides forex traders with news that is informative without being overwhelming.

Forex Market Timing Calendar

This product, Calendar, is so cutting-edge that it has revolutionized the way annual economic calendars are created all over the world. Since 2005, Forex Factory has been at the forefront of financial industry calendar innovation. This includes features like event impact ratings, adaptive timestamps, event detail views, event filtering, data-source linking, economic data charting, and more. The Calendar’s unique selling proposition is the elite team of financial economists behind it, who work around the clock to keep the Calendar up-to-date, accurate, and reliable so that traders can trust it with their most critical decisions.

Trading on the Foreign Exchange Market

A complex system that compiles prices from various sources drives the Market product. Since 2009, Fair Economy has been building the underlying infrastructure that allows Forex Factory to offer prices with the reliability of an exchange, adding a semblance of centralization to an otherwise decentralized market. The Market offering also features synthetic instruments that pair fiat currencies with metals, energies, and cryptocurrencies, such as the Gold/GBP, WTI/EUR, and BTC/JPY pairs.

Brokers in Foreign Exchange Markets

If you’re looking for a reputable forex broker who operates within the law, look no further than The Brokers product. With its combination of real-time spreads, extensive detail, and the most recent information, the guide represents a significant improvement over previous methods used by traders to research brokers. The editorial staff at Forex Factory continually updates the broker guide with new information they’ve gathered through daily research and monitoring of the listed brokers.

Find New Markets With Trade Explorer

Trading performance can be intelligently analyzed with the help of the Trade Explorer, a web-based interface. When linked to a brokerage account, it not only provides historical performance analysis but also real-time analytical capabilities. Although the Trade Explorer is still in its infancy, it has already introduced several novel features, including advanced graphing capabilities, automatic synchronization, and equity/balance controls.

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